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Operation Torch: The Battle for North Africa!


Operation Torch (Which took place from 8 November – 10 November 1942) was the Anglo-American invasion of north-west Africa in World War 2.
Soviet Union (also known as Russia) had been trying to get the United States and Britain to begin operations in Europe, a second front to relieve the pressure on the Russian forces. The current leader at the time of this event, Winston Churchill, wanted an attack on northern Africa followed by an invasion of Europe. In the mean time FDR suspected the attack would cause the invasion of Europe to fail, but still wanted to support Churchill.

A plane used in Operation Torch. Planes were helpful for this mission due to the high ground it gives to the troops.

A tank charging into northern Africa. Troops scoping out the area. This picture shows rolls that tanks played.

Troops loading up for the invasion of northern Africa. Troops in deep thought and concentration to be in a good state of mind for the attack.

A picture taken at the time of a landing during Operation Torch. This picture shows troops heading to shore from their boats.

A primary source of Operation Torch. It was taken during an invsaion of northern Africa for future references of tons of people of our day. This picture shows people storming the beaches of Morocco and Algeria.

1942 - American and Brittish Landings on the African Coast.

"The battle is going very heavily against us. We're being crushed by the enemy weight...We are facing very difficult days, perhaps the most difficult that a man can undergo."
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel - 3rd November 1942

'Operation Overlord' pass

This pass is a pass for Peter Calder.
It gave this man access to the secret operation planning meetings that they held for 'Operation Overlord'.


Manual for the Control of German Information Services

This manual is a person copy of the private US military intelligence publication. These manuals were found on the ground for the de-nazification of Germany at the end of WWII


'Naval aircraft takes part in a joint operation with American forces to invade North Africa'

The Fleet Air Arm was part of many great joint operations in WWII including the Normandy Landing. The Normandy Landing was the significant because the beaches were within the airfields in the south of England and the low number of vessels across the English Channel meant there wasn’t any room for the carriers to operate their aircraft. Many of the Fleet Air Arm aircraft flew in support of the landing.


Q – When did Operation Torch take place?

A – November 8 – 10. 1942.

Q – Which region of Africa did this even take place in?

A – Northern Africa.

Q – Which allied countries participated with Operation Torch.

A – Russia, Britain, and United States.

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  1. Thanks for your efforts re: this invasion! I'm currently reading Smith's biography of FDR and find your work very helpful in bringing the description of the invasion to life for me.