Thursday, February 26, 2009

Formation of the United Nations

The United Nations was created October 24, 1945 shortly after WWII. With the war coming to a climax those who had faced off against the Axis powers never wanted a war of this scale to happen ever again. So these countries decided to meet in San Francisco in the April of that same year. They planned to create a international organization that focused on world peace. The plan was described in the Charter of the United Nations. In June of 1945 fifty nations signed this charter. They were the first UN members. The United Nations while quite similar to the Leauge of Nations created after WWI has a several differences. The first of these is the amount of world powers that joined in the creation of the UN was much greater than the amount in the creation of the Leugue of Nations. Second is that the UN also looks after economic and social concerns as well as working for World Peace.


Interview with Sir Brian Urquhart, former Undersecretary General of the United Nations.

Charter of the United Nation

Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations

History of the United Nations

Major Achievements of the United nations

Timeline of the United Nations

President Bush declaration about the United Nations

Senator Chris Dod statement on the United Nations

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Q: When was the United Nations formed?

A: October 24,1945

Q:Who origonally formed the United Nations?

A: Those who opposed the United Nations

Q: What the two main differences between the League of Nations and The United Nations?

A:The amount of world powers and broader responsibilities

Q:Why was the U.N. formed?

A:To keep the world from entering a war of that scale ever again.

Q:Where is the plan to form the U.N. described?

A:The Charter of the United Nations

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